Nutri-tide™ frequently asked questions

The following questions are the ones we are most frequently asked about Nutri-tide and dietary nucleotides either by our customers or the participants of our case studies.


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Supplementary nucleotides help the body produce cells rapidly as required during times of stress and when it is challenged by infection or disease. At these times the body’s requirement for nucleotides from dietary sources is much greater, and some people’s diets could be deficient.


We will have much more data soon on how different types of diets vary in dietary nucleotide content, and whether these are likely to be deficient of nucleotides.
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Nucleotide Nutrition’s exclusive Nutri-tide™ nucleotide nutritional formula supports the cells of the intestinal tract, the gut’s ‘good’ bacteria, and certain immune cells and helps the body’s normal maintenance and repair processes.


Adequate availability of nucleotides from the diet is necessary to help to maintain the optimum rate of cell replacement.
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Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. DNA alone consists of 3 billion nucleotides!


Your body must create new cells to continue living. Cell division is an important part of this process. With the help of nucleotides and RNA, a typical cell divides, ‘unzipping’ the DNA and creating two new cells. For example, in an adult human, millions of cells divide every second just to maintain the body!
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Nucleotides are completely natural. Nucleotides are found naturally in certain food groups such as liver, tripe, pate, yeast extract, lean meat, fish and mushrooms.
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Unlike the nuclotides that occur naturally in some food products, which need to pass through the the body’s digestive system to be released and utilised, the nucleotides in Nutri-tide™ are immediately biologically available. This means that the body is able to use them as soon as they enter the digestive system.
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The unique highly concentrated powder form of nucleotides in Nutri-tide™ have been extracted from a sustainable source – brewer’s yeast. The extraction of the nucleotides from the yeast uses processes that require no organic solvents.
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Although nucleotides can be found in some food sources, today’s diets often mean we do not eat enough of the foods that are rich in nucleotides such as offal and tripe. In the 1950’s it was traditional to find such food types on the nation’s dinner tables.


Although our ‘modern’ diets have become more varied, these foods have slowly moved out of fashion and are sometimes even considered unhealthy. Some people also resort to excluding some foods from their diet.


Nucleotide Nutrition recommends that people consult a professional dietitian or nutritionist before deliberately excluding any food group, but understands some food groups may not be appealing.


Our exclusive Nutri-tide™ nutritional formula is a food supplement that not only provides the nutrients missing from most ‘modern’ diets but actually provides them in a concentrated form allowing the body to build up and maintain it’s natural levels of defence.
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Further information on the subject of nucleotides can be found by visiting the independent web site: