Suitable for sportsmen and sportswomen


NuCell®IM is suitable for sportsmen and sportswomen

NuCell®IM provides a natural approach to supporting a health immune system.  It is a food supplement that has natural ingredients that support the body’s natural cell regeneration processes, helping the rapid production of a multitude of new white blood cells that the immune system needs to function efficiently and aiding the natural replacement of immune cells in the lining of the digestive system.



NuCell®IM has been successfully trialled in high intensity stress and endurance stress trials with sportsmen.  You can read the interview with Professor Lars McNaughton in the Feedback section.  Here he talks about the trials he performed with NuCell®IM at Bath University, Sport Science Faculty.  In these trials the sportsmen supplemented with NuCell®IM responded with a higher immune status, reduced stress hormone levels, and lower increases in lactate under the high intensity and endurance stress protocols.


Sports training stress – the good and the bad

When stress is positive

Stress is very much part of an athlete’s life, because that’s how athletic training works … it’s a stressor to the system. In training, an athlete stresses their system and then in recovery, the body adapts to that stress and increases its capacity. In this sense, stress is positive.


Some repercussions of stress

However, there are additional repercussions of stress which have negative effects on the body. For example, there is substantial evidence that over-training (or a large increase in training load and/or a major effort, such as racing a marathon) depresses the immune system. It is well documented that endurance athletes have a higher incidence of colds and other upper respiratory infections as a result.


Similarly, during and after exercise, the body releases the hormone cortisol into the bloodstream in response to stress. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone, which means that its effect is to degrade tissue. While the release of cortisol is part of the body’s normal response to stress, prolonged high levels of cortisol can possibly lead to muscle wastage, which is the opposite from what an athlete wants.


In Professor McNaughton’s studies he measured the stress imposed on the body by a prolonged exercise stress, and looked at the question of how dietary nucleotide supplementation with NuCell®IM affected the reaction to this stress.  The Feedback section has more details on the studies conducted.


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