Suitable for people with hectic lifestyles


NuCell®IM is suitable for people with hectic lifestyles

Who has a hectic lifestyle?


Most probably you do of course. Working mothers, professionals with staffing responsibilities, staff who do over-time to clear work-loads, teachers during term, students preparing for exams…



Hectic lifestyles and stress

People with hectic lifestyles normally thrive on stress.  A hectic schedule stresses our system, and then we rest (or play), and our body adapts to that stress and increases its capacity to cope.


However, there can be repercussions of stress which have negative effects on the body. For example, there is substantial evidence that over doing the hectic part of our life, and not introducing regular rest and play, depresses the immune system. This is when colds and other upper respiratory infections can result, as our bodies are less able to respond against an infection.


NuCell®IM provides a natural approach to supporting a health immune system.  It is a food supplement that has natural ingredients that support the body’s natural cell regeneration processes, helping the rapid production of a multitude of new white blood cells that the immune system needs to function efficiently and aiding the natural replacement of immune cells in the lining of the digestive system.


NuCell®IM has been used successfully by all sorts of people helping them to maintain a healthy immunity, vitality and well-being.  The product also proves a daily intake level of vitamins.  See the Feedback section to see how these people have used NuCell®IM to support their hectic lifestyles.


Check out our Keeping Healthy Fact-sheet. The guide provides tips on general fitness, eating to be healthy, and how to avoid infections. Download this guide by clicking here Access our factsheets.



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