Busy Professionals [NuCell IM]

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Vitamins to support a good physiological function, aid immunity and reduce fatigue:
We believe it is better to have the biological energy boost from within, rather than rely on stimulants like caffeine.

Purified nucleotides;
To supplement the body when stress levels deplete your body’s own supply.
Even healthy people with a balanced immune system can go through phases of interruptions in normal immune function;
These might be due to situations of overexertion, stress and exhaustion, which make them more vulnerable to infections.

Nucleotide Nutrition believe in natural goodness. Here’s what to expect from our products:

Clinically tested; you can trust in our products to be a superb and natural approach to digestive issues and immunity – with no side effects.

100% naturally derived ingredients; nothing hidden, no nasty surprises – all our products are wholesome, and vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Premium Swiss formula; our products are the only ones containing purified dietary nucleotides, naturally extracted for maximum absorption by the body.

For the whole family; gluten and lactose free, non-prescription and derived from nature – IntestAid IB and NuCell IM are suitable for adults and children of all ages.

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