Who is NuCell®IM for?

NuCell®IM has been developed for people who desire a natural approach to supporting their immunity. It is particularly suitable for people, who find themselves unable to lead healthy lifestyles, have restricted diets, or whose livelihoods have a higher than normal impact on their immune response.


Our experts have written a guide about Keeping Healthy, which provides tips for general fitness and good health. The tips help to encourage us to more easily to commit to regular physical activity and how we can eat more healthily by making healthier choices. It also includes information on the sorts of foods that support our immune system, and simple meal plan and recipe ideas. Last, but not least, the Fact sheet also advised how best to avoid infections, apparently kissing is OK!!


NuCell IM is suitable for people:

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  • with suppressed immune systems
  • where sporting activities impact on their immune status
  • with a lack of vitality and/or feelings of well-being
  • with hectic lifestyles
  • with restricted diets