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ProBio’s research, including its food ingredient testing, has led to the production of the unique nucleotide formula, Nutri-tide, used in the food supplements IntestAid®IB and NuCell®IM in the UK. These products are especially important for people with particular requirements for digestive health support (IntestAid®IB) and immunity support (NuCell®IM).


Discover more about the biological rationale supporting the use of these nucleotide formulas for digestive and immune health in The science section of the main site.


Through bespoke techniques honed in ProBio’s Swiss laboratories food ingredient testing has revealed that many peoples diets are not delivering the levels of dietary nucleotides that past generations have benefited from. This is mainly due to the way our foods are now highly processed and carbohydrate based, and also that protein staples like “offal” that contain the highest levels of nucleotides, are now ‘off the menu’ for many modern diets … and not just vegetarians. Indeed, nucleotides are normally low in vegetable type foods, except tofu, Quorn, mushrooms, broccoli, and sprouts.


Leading independent scientists are currently speculating that there is a dietary and lifestyle-induced essentiality for nucleotides.


Figure 1. Evaluation of total nucleotide content of a range of meat (orange) and vegetarian (green) protein sources according to typical single portions (analysis by ProBio AG, produce purchased from supermarkets in Zurich, Switzerland). Ref. Network Health Dietitian (NHD Magazine) article July 2011, Dr Robert Verkerk).



Clinically proven

For all health supplement products, clinical trials are performed to prove that supplementation produces the benefits for groups of people likely to benefit most. i.e. in the case of IntestAid®IB and NuCell®IM, those who’s diets do not provide sufficient levels of nucleotides to support their digestive or immune function.


The findings of these and many other studies related to the subject of nucleotides can be found on the independent research web site www.nucleotides4health.org


Show case for ProBio’s consumer product – Nucleocell will go here on final expanded site pages


ProBio AG first tested its nucleotide formulas in-house, with its staff acting as the ‘guinea pigs’. This extended to family and friends, and over the years, purely through ‘word and mouth’, the sales in Switzerland of this ‘trial’ product branded “NucleoCell”, has grown and grown.



New developments

Further product lines imminent

Recent research in sports recovery and anti-ageing have yielded positive results in pilot trials – ProBio Ag and Nucleotide Nutrition Limited are collaborating on these new product developments.


Salt reduction and flavour enhancement

New formulations of nucleotides with powerful flavour enhancing properties have been tested by flavour scientists. Through bespoke testing with food manufacturers’ technical teams. ProBio AG can help them in their drive to reduce the sodium salt content of their food products, without loss of flavour.

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