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Here at Nucleotide Nutrition we like to give you, our valued customers, an honest chance to have your say about our products. If you would like get in touch with any comments, questions or reactions about your experience using IntestAid®IB please send us a message using the Contact us on-site contact form.


Our team of experts will gladly reply to any questions or queries you may have and there’s a good chance that you will get to see your letter published on these pages in the near future if you so wish. Rest assured that Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd. will never post anyone’s communication or reveal their personal details on the website, without their explicit consent.


As you may be aware the law does not allow us to explain why a product or it’s ingredient may help a particular health condition as this constitutes making a medical claim.


Along with your feedback we will also be including comments and statements from recognised experts and healthcare professionals within this section.


As IntestAid®IB is now available right here on this site, as well in most high streets up and down the country, we are expecting these pages to fill up quite quickly so visit back regularly to see what everyone has been saying about “The natural approach to supporting long-term bowel health”.



IntestAid has helped me get back on track!

woody27:  Have just started on IntestAide IB and am hoping it will be an answer to my IBS. Have been suffering for more than 20 years with no treatment, but the constipation and massive bloating have, for the first time, started happening at night and since the beginning of July I have not had a full night of sleep… Read the full testimony here


Posted: 08 August 2012


Intestaid has changed my life!

sue79:  I have tried mebeverin, buscopan, peppermint oil tablets, all sorts. None of it made a difference, until I found INTESTAID IB about a year ago. I buy it from Boots where it is often on their 3 for 2 offer, because it isn’t cheap. It costs about £25 for a month’s supply, but it is totally worth it… Read the full testimony here


Posted: 08 August 2012


She just had to tell us!. Normality returning after 5 years of chronic IBS and tests.

Mrs S from London is normally reserved about talking about her health problems. But she had to tell us that after 5 years of chronic IBS and all the tests checking for more serious complaints, pure chance led her to use IntestAid IB. She wrote to tell us that she is happy to contribute her experiences for others who have similar problems, such as urgency.


Posted: 11 July 2012


I can eat what I want now!

Mrs L from Felixstowe is a Candida sufferer. I’ve tried many things over the years, and found no answer. Now I’m fine and it is so good to be ‘normal’ again.


Posted: 11 July 2012


Confidence restored and looking good for her age

Miss C from Nottingham gives health talks to women’s groups. Inexplicably she experienced intolerable bloating problems. Taking her own advice along with IntestAid IB, she is back on track, feeling confident and was even featured in the Daily Mail for looking good for her age!


Posted: 11 July 2012


IntestAid is like a ‘spare tyre’ for this satisfied user!

Mrs M from Maidstone emailed to say she keeps a spare box of IntestAid IB by her just in case.

Oh, yes she also said she had been free of symptoms for a year now.


Posted: 11 July 2012


Case study candidate leaves the country after taking advice from our experts!

Mrs T from Edinburgh, a participant from one of the original IntestAid®IB practitioner case studies, had tinkered with her diet in order to solve her problems, but ended up worse than ever. She took advantage of advice from our dietitian, and with the help of IntestAid®IB has reintroduced dairy products back into her diet, and was last heard of about to set off on Eurostar!


Posted: 13 March 2009


Nigel Denby, dietitian, reports on his experience of IntestAid®IB

Speaking about this new category of food supplement from his Harley Street clinic, TV dietician Nigel Denby said, “ In clinic I have been getting some very promising results using IntestAid®IB, the new nucleotide supplement. There are no magic bullets but this is certainly looking like a valuable tool in helping people achieve long-term bowel health”.


Posted: 09 March 2009


Good news for probiotic users – question answered by our experts

Mrs L from London contacted us to ask whether she could take IntestAid®IB whilst using a probiotic product.

Our experts were able to give her the good news that her probiotic could work even better when taken alongside IntestAid®IB since the ‘good’ bacteria, in the product she is using, multiply even more effectively when there is a readily available source of nucleotides in the gut.


Posted: 03 March 2009