About IntestAid®IB

IntestAid®IB – the natural approach to supporting long-term Bowel Health – is our newest product to hit the shelves in your high street.


You can find IntestAid®IB at most branches of Boots (since the end of March 2009) and in all good independent health food stores.


Check out the Buying IntestAid®IB page to make a purchase or find your local stockist using our Boots store locator.




IntestAid®IB Customer Service Hotline

To provide extra support for the rapidly expanding number of IntestAid®IB users alongside the contact us on-site message facility we have set up a Customer Service Hotline dedicated to answering all your questions regarding IntestAid®IB – The natural approach to long term Bowel Health.


IntestAid®IB Customer Service Helpline: 03304 409 700


Lines open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:30 (closed Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). Calls charged at BT rates.


What is IntestAid®IB?

This innovative food supplement contains our exclusive Nutri-tide™ Nucleotide nutritional formula, plus selected nutrients to support key biological processes within the body.


Dietary nucleotides are particularly important for the natural proliferation of cells in the lining of the digestive system,‘good’ bacteria in the intestinal tract and particular types of immune cell. Dietary nucleotides within IntestAid®IB help support natural and efficient intestinal balance and long-term Bowel Health.


Read more on the subject of Nutri-Tide and nucleotides in general within The science section of this site.

IntestAid®IB – the major benefits

IntestAid®IB helps to maintain:


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  • Natural Intestinal Balance
  • Healthy gastro-intestinal tract
  • Efficient colon function
  • Urgency support