About our products

Our first products are the innovative food supplements: IntestAid®IB – the natural approach to supporting long-term bowel health, and NuCell®IM – the natural approach to supporting a healthy immune system – both available now right here at our web site as well as in your local high street.


Both these products incorporate our groundbreaking and exclusive Nutri-tide™ nucleotide nutritional formula. Click the link to visit The science section of our site to learn more about why Nutri-tide™ is so revolutionary and relevant to you.


These products have been developed with the support of UK government research awards, they incorporate the latest nutritional advances and are backed by peer reviewed clinical studies and health practitioner case studies.


The purpose of all our food supplements is to support good health – naturally.


Nucleotide Nutrition will continue to maintain a commitment to ongoing research and development so we can continue to develop products that provide nutritional solutions that are effective for a wide range of modern lifestyles and dietary deficiencies.


Check back here soon for more news of other exciting new products that we have in the pipe-line.