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Why ProBio AG?

What makes ProBio AG stand apart from the competition?



Unique methods

Only natural products and processes

A gentle and approved method is used in their purification and extraction processes.


Dedicated to sustainable ecologically

Nucleotides are derived from natural sources of yeast from the food industry.


Purified nucleotides for ease of digestion

The nucleotides found in ProBio AG’s products are first purified, and then combined to produce a precise formula. The crude RNA yeast extracts sold in certain markets are not effective providers of nucleotides, because the body has difficulty digesting these crude substances efficiently.



Quality control

High status quality control measures are in place, using “Good Manufacturing Practice” principles.


Rigorous procedures provide the supply chain assurance required by the health and food industry. This applies to every aspect of ProBio’s raw material sourcing, manufacture processes, and even logistics.



Bespoke support

Bespoke in-house laboratory quality control measures are made available to cater for individual client needs and requirements.

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