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About ProBio AG

ProBio AG – The company

Formed in 2001, ProBio AG is a privately owned company based in modern, scientific headquarters in Augst, close to Basel, Switzerland.


ProBio AG was established with the aim of creating dedicated industry collaborations to aid in the development and manufacture of the worlds first, proven, effective, naturally derived, nucleotide nutritional formulas for use in human healthcare.


Chemoforma AG, ProBio AG’s sister company formed in the 1980’s, originally spearheaded the manufacture and development of nucleotide formulas for animal health products, resulting in significant global sales. The experience and reputation of Chemoforma has helped to pave the way for ProBio’s essential scientific and marketing collaborations, without which the creation of the initial core products would not have been possible.



ProBio AG – The people

The ProBio AG team is comprised of all the essential ingredients required to run an efficient and successful manufacturer of modern healthcare products: from industry-recognised scientific experts who form close research collaborations aiding the creation of the next value-added product; to highly-skilled laboratory staff running intensive quality control checks; and not least to members of the logistics team who ensure that all products reach their distributors on time and in good order. Qualities that are demanded by the market place and their long term distribution partners globally.


Focus on ProBio AG’s CEO – Dr Peter Koeppel


Peter Köppel has a PhD in Biochemistry and Immunology. He was trained in Biochemistry (with a special interest in clinical immunology) at the University of Zürich’s Institute of Virology. He initially worked as a researcher in osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in a pharmaceutical company in Basel.


As managing director of Chemoforma AG and ProBio AG, Dr Köppel has for over 20 years led research and production of special nucleotide supplements for both animal and human nutritional needs.


More recently, Dr Koeppel’s time has been spent concentrating on developing the company’s new product initiatives. Cementing the company’s links with collaborative research projects with both academic and corporate partners around the world in the UK, America, South Africa and the Far East. More details of these collaborations are covered in the next few pages.



A company with unique purpose and values

ProBio AG’s sister company played a major part in enabling farmers to improve the welfare and health of their animals through natural and nutritional product advances. The passion and strategy that were behind these advances is now helping to produce products of such significance for the human healthcare market.


The company has not only identified that for human health matters there is an overwhelming reliance on drugs and medicines but also that some chronic illnesses, particularly those that plague the Western world, are often due in part to poor diets and stressful lifestyles.


Intent on playing a full part in turning this unsustainable situation around, ProBio AG is providing nutritional tools for preventative health strategies, as well as nutritional solutions to aid in recovery when medical interventions have taken place.



Pioneering a unique market

ProBio AG has invested many resources into analysing and studying the foods that make up the modern ‘western’ diet. Our diets today differ in many ways to those of our forebears, and the deficiencies of dietary nucleotides in these diets, which ProBio’s analysis unearthed were the major factor behind the initial creation of their unique nucleotide nutritional formulas for the human healthcare market.


These innovative formulas, comprised of purified natural nucleotides and selected vitamins, meet the demands of European and FDA food legislation.



Unique collaborations and effective research

ProBio AG, works in collaboration with like-minded companies in each of its major global markets, drawing on the expertise that each company brings to a long term partnership. ProBio AG believes in establishing long term partnerships as it recognises that nutritional and health advances cannot happen overnight, and that each market has different requirements, legal, social and dietary, that are best tackled by local expertise.


In the UK ProBio AG has a long established collaboration with the people at Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd. The nucleotide nutritional formulas pioneered by ProBio AG, have over the last few years been clinically tested in UK grant-aided university research institutions. Consumer and practitioner alike can be assured that the food supplement products resulting from this collaborative research are both effective and safe. Visit the product specific pages of the main site for more information about IntestAid®IB and NuCell®IM.


Current collaborative research initiatives are based around high stress impact, with trials ongoing in sports exercise and nutrition. Elite athletes place uniquely high stress demands on their bodies, and these are situations where the benefits and effects of ProBio AG’s unique nucleotide formulas can be clearly observed and accurately measured. Watch out for the next lot of published research!


ProBio AG also works closely with special groups of people with particular nutritional and health requirements, and makes products specific to their needs. This is a particular feature of ProBio’s collaboration with their partner in the USA where they work closely with various ethnic communities.



Sustainable manufacture

The Swiss based company is driven by the need to manufacture ecological products that are derived from a sustainable resource. Not only do they achieve this sustainability, but also their extraction processes, use no chemical solvents.

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