About Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd

Nucleotide Nutrition is a newly formed company set up to bring fresh, innovative ideas and effective natural healthcare products to the consumer. Our forward thinking for innovative products will always be consumer focused, and we will re-invest in ethical science and research. Based in Cheshire, in the North West of England, our impressive headquarters form part of the aptly named Daresbury Innovation Centre.


Nucleotide Nutrition – The natural approach

Our first products are the food supplements, IntestAid®IB and NuCell®IM. Both these products include natural ingredients, and offer a natural approach to staying healthy. The main aim of these products is to help the body’s natural biological processes to work as well as evolution has designed them to.


The main secret to these products’ success is our exclusive Nutri-tide™ nucleotide nutritional formula. Read more about Nutri-tide™ and Nucleotide Nutrition’s natural approach in The science section of our web site.



Products built on scientific fact and clinical evidence

Our innovative products have emerged from ethical and sustainable sources, backed by Government grant aided research awards. All clinical studies have been backed up by health practitioner case studies. We are now ready to bring these products to you the consumer.



Our vision, aims and goals for the future

Our vision is to support you, the consumer, by developing further products that help to achieve long-term health goals – naturally. We aim to do this by concentrating our research and development in areas that provide nutritional solutions, effective for a wide range of lifestyles and dietary deficiencies. Our recently launched product, IntestAid®IB achieves this aim for bowel health by incorporating our innovative Nutri-tide™ nucleotide nutritional formula, combined with other effective ingredients.



Our main goals for the future

To find natural solutions for the maintenance of good health. This will be achieved by reinvesting in research and development through ethically run studies. To continue to ensure our ingredients are derived from sustainable sources, and meet environmental guidelines.