IntestAid®IB featured in the IBS Network magazine

As the IBS Network charity relaunches to celebrate 20 years, it features IntestAid®IB – the natural approach to supporting long-term Bowel Health – and the IBS trial by Prof Christine Dancey, and discusses it’s suitability as a product for IBS sufferers and recommends it for further research.


Download the latest article (Gut Reaction Issue 79) in full (original and text-only versions), plus the original IBS trial report by Prof Dancey (Gut Reaction Issue 64) using the links below:


Gut Reaction (Issue 79) IntestAid®IB article


Gut Reaction (Issue 79) IntestAid®IB text only press release


Gut Reaction (Issue 64) IBS trial report by Prof Dancey


The independent site for nucleotide researchers, (click the link to visit the site), provides a more in depth look at Prof Dancey’s work.


Disclaimer: Please note: This article, originally published by Pro Bio Healthcare Limited, appears here as a matter of record. Pro Bio Healthcare, the company that originally launched the first two products in the Nucleotide Nutrition product portfolio, was superseded by Nucleotide Nutrition Limited in October 2011 in an effort to concentrate exclusively on the exciting, emerging nucleotide nutritional scientific field.

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