IBS Dietitian’s tips for Urgency symptoms

This is a very upsetting symptom, which makes one avoid busy and hectic situations like rush hour at a station, where finding a suitable convenience may be difficult.


Our IBS & DIET fact sheet has been designed to help people with symptoms of IBS, this has been devised by dietitian and IBS expert Nigel Denby.  The Fact Sheet advises on how diet and lifestyle may affect symptoms of IBS, and contains helpful tips and meal plans devised for the main symptoms that are affecting you the most.


In the dietary section, IntestAid IB, of the website you will be able to complete our IntestAid IB Nutritional Challenge questionnaire, so we can email this factsheet to you.


Meal plan for IBS symptom – Urgency:



Glass of cranberry juice

Bowl of cornflakes/rice krispies with semi-skinned or soya milk

Slice of white toast with jam/honey/marmalade




Melon chunks




Jacket potato (leave the skin) with tuna, prawns or cheese



Evening meal

Poached white fish with buttered new potatoes

2 servings of root vegetables




Have at least 8 cups of fluid.

If you cannot give up tea and coffee use decaffeinated versions.

Experiment with fruit and herbal teas – fennel, ginger and peppermint are renowned for easing digestive upsets.

Avoid foods and drinks containing the artificial sweetener sorbitol.

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