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NuCell IM featured in the article ‘Nucleotides – the building blocks of life’

Functional Sports Nutrition (FSN) is the magazine for the individuals and professionals who are serious about sport, and features all the latest advances in sports nutrition. This July/August 2011 issue includes an article featuring the ground breaking research on the sports recovery supplement, NuCell IM, this article follows: ‘Nucleotides – building blocks of life’.   […]

Taking Nutritional Supplements for Celiac Disease

For people with celiac disease, especially those recently diagnosed, eating gluten-free food and taking the right supplements is paramount. This article talks about the cutting edge nutritional research behind Nucleotide Nutrition’s food supplement IntestAid IB and how it is able to support a healthy small intestine. Digestion and celiac disease   Our absorption of food […]

Are our modern-day diets depriving us?

Two leading health magazines published a review by health expert Dr Robert Verkerk. His observations of recent clinical research and food studies pertaining to a class of micro-nutrients, nucleotides, led him and other scientific experts to believe that western populations may well now find themselves to be deficient of nucleotides, due to modern-day diets and […]

IBS tips for bloating symptoms

This is such an inconvenient and uncomfortable symptom, which can be distressing when you want to look nice in your clothes, and nothing in the wardrobe fits. Other IBS symptoms can remain hidden, but bloating stands out, literally.   Our IBS & DIET fact sheet has been designed to help people with symptoms of IBS, […]

Recipes for Health – Immune support

This recipe features in our Keeping Healthy Fact sheet 2. The section ‘Eating to be healthy’, shows the different foods that deliver the nutrients that are known to be great for supporting the immune system.     The recipe below is simple; you can even cheat and buy the pastry. Here are the nutrients* that […]

IBS Dietitian’s tips for Urgency symptoms

This is a very upsetting symptom, which makes one avoid busy and hectic situations like rush hour at a station, where finding a suitable convenience may be difficult.   Our IBS & DIET fact sheet has been designed to help people with symptoms of IBS, this has been devised by dietitian and IBS expert Nigel […]

What is the point to acupuncture?

I think most people are mystified by the notion of acupuncture. In the past it has often been conveyed as a wacky Far Eastern form of healing and pain relief that has no scientific explanation. This actually is far from the truth. Indeed, acupuncture can now be obtained, if you have the lucky postcode, on […]